Would you guess that around 1.7 million people are infected as a result of entering a healthcare facility every year. And that 90,000 of these patients die as a result?

It’s true. Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are a serious risk to all patients that enter hospital facilities with 1 in 10 patients becoming infected due to cross-transmission of bacteria, viruses or fungi. Bacteria account for approximately 90% of all HAIs with the most common infections being UTIs, infection of surgical sites and gastroenteritis.

Contamination sites in the hospital setting are vast. Not only can an infected patient be the route of transmission throughout the facility, healthcare workers and inanimate objects such as bedding, equipment and other surfaces pose a serious problem. Another issue to contend with is the rate at which areas need to be cleaned.

Typically, occupied spaces are more difficult to clean and sanitize, and pressured turnaround times may increase the challenge. Indeed, only 50% of hospital managers in Canada report adequate staff to satisfy the demands for cleaning.

There is, however, a solution...

Technological advances in cleaning devices offer continuous, safe and effective surface and air disinfection as well as on-the-spot 5log disinfection of medical equipment.



The CASPR system, installed directly into the HVAC system offers total peace of mind for disinfecting that addresses the entire hospital environment, even hard-to-reach surfaces as well as textiles and other inanimate objects. It is a true no-touch device that eliminates the need for UV light decontamination systems. It operates even in occupied spaces and uses hydrogen and oxygen molecules to oxidize a wide array of microorganisms, including those in the coronavirus family, leading to an 8-10 fold decrease in their presence. 



Additional misting of a high-contamination area can be achieved using the most advanced and effective chlorine-based solutions on the market. Non-toxic HO- Cl-containing Briotech clears 95% of biofilms in 5 contact minutes, offering highly effective elimination of viruses, bacteria, endospores, fungi and prions. The solution can also be used as a hand sanitizer on the surface of the skin without irritation, and safe even when used on mucous membranes, the eyes and open wounds. 


UV Smart

The UV smart device - a UV light container using Impelux technology - disinfects items in as little as 25-100 seconds. Medical equipment and PPE can be quickly disinfected without the need for chemical-based solutions, and with no negative impact on the materials.


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