Launched in 2014 with a goal of delivering innovative, evidence-based disinfection products to the Canadian market, Sterasure improves the quality of diverse indoor environments – including hospitals, dental clinics, offices, gyms, and retailers. We bring infection prevention and control to all areas of Canadian society.

With decades of experience in the healthcare products industry, the Sterasure team is ideally suited to provide effective solutions to mitigate a growing global problem: pathogens. We offer products for infection prevention and control previously unavailable in the Canadian market – including technologies to help reduce the incidence of HAIs (hospital-acquired infections) and improve the quality of indoor environments.

But we’re more than a products provider. Sterasure empowers customers with knowledge. We’re a source for authoritative educational information that enables customers to make indoor environments safer for patients, customers, employees, and others. We help customers protect people and enable businesses to perform better.

Sterasure is a contributing member of TIPS (The Infection Prevention Strategy): a global not-for-profit focused on pathogen reduction through proper protocols and innovative technologies. We’re also a member of the IUVA (International Ultraviolet Association).