Working in and around the mouth, using sharp and high-speed instruments; that’s the life of a dentist and their technicians. While all precautions, such as appropriate PPE, coverings and using disinfectant solutions, may be taken to prevent cross -transmissions of infections, there is still a constant high risk of exposure to microorganisms for both healthcare workers and patients.

Research shows that there is a higher prevalence of influenza virus, respiratory syncytial and adenovirus antibodies among dentists when compared to non-dental practitioners; and there’s little wonder when one considers the likely direct exposure to blood and microorganisms that may be present in a patient’s mouth. There’s also the high probability of direct and indirect exposure to a patient’s saliva to consider, where contact may come as a result of performing dental procedures or through touching of surfaces that the saliva may have contaminated.

Think there’s enough protection from the plastic coverings, cleaning solutions and overnight UV light treatments? Think again.

It may only take seconds for cross-transmission to occur, far quicker than the next surface clean or room disinfection.

The solution is simple: continuous disinfection of the environment, equipment and other high risk areas of the dental practice. Here’s how:


With CASPR, installed directly into the HVAC system, water and hydrogen compounds are transformed into oxidizing molecules, which blankets even hard-to-reach surfaces and inanimate objects, and within seconds kills microorganisms that may contaminate them. 

Light Progress

With the Light Progress, air is continuously drawn into a UV-C device fixed with a titanium oxide germicidal box. It expels clean, 99% filtered, decontaminated and odour-free air back into the environment for true purified air quality.


The Briotech hypochlorous acid-based solution is non-toxic to humans but neutralizes viruses, bacteria, endospores, fungi and prions in as little as 1 minute con- tact time. Use as a prophylactic for misting or fogging of an area of high risk or in direct application to infections as an oral HOCl mouth rinse. It is a quick and effective surface cleaning solution that may be used to clean and disinfect dental lines while disrupting biofilms, which proves it’s invaluable application in multiple areas of the dental industry.

UV Smart

The UV smart device offers 5 log disinfection of dental equipment and PPE in the time it takes to wash your hands. Simply place objects into the container and retrieve them seconds later; complete disinfection with- out risk of damage to even sensitive equipment.


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