Botox, microneedling, collagen therapy, chemical peeling, laser therapy, radiofrequency, non-surgical facelifts and fat reduction or redistribution are extremely popular aesthetic procedures. Advances in aesthetic medicine means they have a high safety profile, however, any breach in the barrier of the skin, be it a tiny puncture at an injection site or a large surgical incision, poses some level of risk of infection.

Infection not only poses a risk for the positive outcome of the procedure, it may increase the tendency of scarring. Biofilms have received increasing attention in the aesthetic industry, with these largely antibiotic-resistant colonies posing significant problems regarding infection and the treatment thereof.

A go-to option for reducing the risk of infection is skin contact disinfection. Current use of disinfectants such as iodine and chlorhexidine pose multiple problems: both are considered weak poisons, which in high concentration, may cause tissue damage and allergic reactions in susceptible people. Additionally, iodine may leave unsightly marks!

Wound healing and infection control in aesthetic patients is thus an important consideration after every procedure. 


Briotech offers an easy, effective solution. Made from hypochlorous acid, a compound the body’s own immune system produces, it’s not only safe, it’s extremely potent against a variety of surface microorganisms without toxic effects or skin irritation. It can be used as a disinfectant prior to any aesthetic procedure, which has been shown to reduce the risk of biofilm formation, and as infection control post-procedure. 

Light Progress

Microorganisms that may be spread throughout the aesthetic environment may also pose a risk to patients and clients during their procedures. Cleaning and disinfection not only improves air quality but reduces the risk of cross-contamination of airborne infections. With the Light progress, using a UV-C fan device fitted with a titanium oxide germicidal box, circulating air is cleared of organic and inorganic substances, odours eliminated and purified air recirculated into the environment. 


Additional cleaning and disinfection of the aesthetic clinic environment can be easily achieved with the CASPR device. Installed directly into the HVAC system, hydrogen and oxygen molecules expelled from the system oxidize microorganisms with 99.9% effectiveness, even in hard-to-reach spaces and across inanimate objects. It’s a revolutionary device that offers true no-touch continuous disinfection 

UV Smart

Medical equipment and PPE can now also be effectively disinfected in 25-100 seconds using the UV smart device. Placed directly in the UV container, items can be cleaned using 5log disinfection; it’s perfectly safe for even more sensitive items.


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